Plasticized. The Film.

We have become a society that just consumes and consumes, buying more and more things that we do not need, being fooled by the countless commercials online and on television, tricking us into thinking that happiness is gained by acquiring things, and not just any things, but the latest stuff, to be ahead of everyone else. We have become plasticized, wanting to look better than everyone else, and wanting to have everything that no-one else has whether we need it or not. And we are doing anything to get there and show it, by faking it on social media to becoming indebted commercially.

In this day and age we should all have an idea that the world and more specifically, the oceans are becoming more and more polluted with plastic and all of our waste. If you didn’t know this do yourself a favor and check out some videos on youtube.

Though, when watching those videos it may seem a bit far off and could feel as if it is all happening somewhere way out there so we tend to think that we don’t really need to be bothered. It only hits home when it happens to us or happens close to us. Queue the music and enter Plasticized the film.

This film slash documentary will be based out of Cape Town and will highlight some of the environmental issues that occur because of our waste. It will showcase different zero waste stores in Cape Town that are making great waves and changes, as well as plenty of ways on how you to can get involved and get started to ensure a better future for us and for the next generations of people and animals.

Note: The film is still in the planning stages, so please keep checking back here for any updates, orย  check out our blog for more zero waste info ๐Ÿ™‚




Why donate? What do we still need?

The money will mainly be used for camera equipment such as microphones, a smaller camera and to use to fund any outdoor travels that will be needed.

We are also looking for a relatively fit female who is interested in the 0 waste/minimalist lifestyle to come on board and take up a role as a ‘presenter’ and narrator for the film.

Social media and contact

We have a blog showcasing our progress and what we shoot and photograph at each stage.

Our social media will be up soon!

Email us at thefitnish[@] or use this contact formย to get in touch for now.

  • Photos by Roman Bozhko
  • Bench Accounting on Unsplash