Composting Made Easy!

If you haven’t heard of composting before, it is essentially taking organic waste (food, yard trimmings, paper) and breaking it down into soil again using heat, time, and sometimes worms (also known as vermicomposting). After you watch this video you will be well prepared to compost in your apartment or home and whether you are […]

Simple Tips For Businesses To Reduce Their Plastic And Waste

A great way to start reducing waste and plastic is to start right from the top! If big corporations and companies could incorporate a few changes to their processes, they could lead the way to a better environment. Here’s a few tips they could try to incorporate to reduce their carbon footprint and become more […]

My First Stop, Shop Zero!

I decided to check out Shop Zero, situated in WoodStock on Albert Road in Cape Town. They sell natural creams, toothpaste and much more, but the great thing about this shop is that it’s ‘plastic free’! They don’t sell any plastic bags or containers. You simply bring your own reusable containers and fill them up with whatever […]