Wasteful Wednesday, Separate Your Waste!

Every Wednesday we take out our bins and put them in front of our gates full of rubbish. Then a few hours later, magically they are empty (by the magic of those big garbage trucks) and we haul the bin back into our yard and continue to fill it up over the course of the week to repeat the process on the following Wednesday. It has to be done, and we need to get rid of all that waste in our house right.

What we don’t think about is what happens to that waste or where it goes. So let me tell you, it goes to sit in landfills somewhere probably in the city that you are in, and it may even be not too far from you, who knows. The waste  will sit there for years and years, especially the plastic that does not break down, and many bits and pieces being blown all over the place into rivers and ultimately into the ocean affecting the marine life and other animals that it comes across. It is not too hard to realize that this is pretty bad for the environment and for the world we live in. So is there anything that you and I can actually do? Something small enough that we don’t really have to put too much effort into it. Actually yes there is!


Separate Your Waste! garbage bin


By taking small conscious steps we can form better habits that do not even require us to put in that much more effort than we currently do, to aid the environment and our fellow humans and animals. A simple process to follow is to have two bins in your house, one for recyclable waste and for other waste.

You could also compost and reduce all your ‘wet waste’ (all your fruit and vegetable waste) if you are able to. AND if you can, the ultimate way is to start at the source and try to slowly reduce your waste in general.

But anyway, then when you take out your big bin on Wednesday, put the recyclable waste in a packet on the side of the bin. Usually some less fortunate people look for plastic bottles and other waste that can be recycled and collect it all to take to recycling depots where they can hand it in for a bit of money. You may have seen them at times going through the bins looking for specific things. At least this way you save them the hassle of going through the bins and you are getting some things recycled as opposed to sending them straight to land fills. 🙂


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