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battery batteries

We all use batteries, well most of the general public do, whether they are in an alarm clock, or a TV remote or a drone remote controller, and are usually the most common AAAs. Ideally we would like to not use them as that would eliminate the need to dispose of them right, but that’s in an ideal world (one day).

So yes while they are difficult to completely eliminate we can swap them for rechargeable batteries so that we do not have to keep disposing of them and buying new ones when they go flat. In case you didn’t know, rechargeable batteries are just like regular batteries except they come with a charger device, which enables you to recharge them when they become flat, allowing you to use them over and over. Just like how you charge your phone when its battery dies.

It is quite surprising that there are many people who do not really know about rechargeable batteries so be sure to spread the word if you are visiting one of your friends and they are still using regular once off batteries ๐Ÿ™‚

battery batteries

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