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Why Do We Need A Different Cleaning Product For Every Room And Every Surface?

Have you walked down the cleaning products aisle in your local supermarket lately, unsure what to buy in order to clean just your counter tops or table tops with for example? If you have I am sure it's because there are just so many brands and products to choose from, too many in fact. Not just too many, but too many of the same products advertised for different jobs! A short cleaning story I...
The Ultimate Zero Waste Cleaning Solution To Replace Commercial Toxic Cleaners

The Ultimate DIY, Non Toxic Cleaning Solution

If you just want the recipe, scroll down to the Recipe heading :) When it comes to cleaning, it can feel like it would take a whole lot of time and effort to create your own diy cleaning solution or product. After all it must require some harsh ingredients that can kill germs and target all that grease and those stains that most commercial cleaners must use, right? Well no, to make your own...