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The Vegan Goods Market At The Source Yoga Studio In Cape Town

A Look At The Vegan Goods Market At The Source Yoga Studio In Constantia Cape Town

Higher resolution images can be found on unsplash here.Check out the rest of the images and videos from the vegan goods market here. The Vegan Goods market is, yes you guessed it, a Vegan market held at The Source Yoga Studio in Constantia, Cape Town, which happens twice a month, Mid-month Saturday and month-end Sunday. There are various stalls from vegan foods and desserts, to snacks, Henna and...
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The Best Way To Use Up Veggies And Fruit And Not throw Them Away!

Do you ever go to the grocery store and sometimes end up buying a whole trolley full of fresh fruit and vegetables because you couldn't make up your mind on what fruit you actually wanted so you just took a bit of everything?  Then you get home and after a week or so most of it has not been eaten and is starting to go off.  So you end up throwing most of it away.  Well here’s an extremely...