Want To Be More Eco Friendly? 6 Of The Simplest & Easiest Ways To Be More Waste Free!

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In theory I think many of us really want to be more Eco friendly, and reduce our trash/waste as much as possible but we are unsure how, or what exactly we can do. We also are weary of how much of an impact we will really have.

I have put together a list of six of some of the simplest and easiest things you can do or swap, that will reduce your waste and packaging waste, down to a minimum! Once you start doing these things, you’ll see just how how it all adds up and what an immense impact you can make!

Carry your own bags

When doing grocery shopping remember to take your own bags that you can reuse. This way you reduce the amount of new plastic bags that you get when shopping. Usually those extra bags end up in the trash after your shop, so this will reduce that tremendously!

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Use your own reusable cup

If you love your coffee or tea, and usually get a take away, keep your own reusable cup on you when going to your favorite cafe. You will be surprised just how many of those plastic cups you go through and end up throwing away.

Use your own containers for take aways

Following on from the previous point, when ordering take aways, be sure to bring your own container and ask the restaurant to put the food in your container. In doing so you can avoid using the styrofoam boxes that most outlets use, and that ends up straight in our trash once you get home.

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ditch the straws

Stop using plastic straws altogether, or make use of the metal straws or disposable ones that are available at most places. When ordering at a restaurant remember to remind the waitress to leave the straw, as many automatically add it into the drink.

shop at plastic/package free shops

Recently there have been many new stores that offer package free shopping come up and open. Check to see if there is one in your area and be sure to pay them a visit. You can reduce so much waste just by doing this and shopping package free. And you get to support a small business!

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use shampoo and package free soap bars

There are many soap bar brands that now offer shampoo bars full of natural ingredients, and compostable packaging. They may be slightly more expensive than your normal commercial soaps, but it is well worth it. By switching to shampoo bars, you can cut down on all those plastic shampoo bottles that you would have bought every few months.

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Reduce, Reuse

There you have it, 6 simple tips to get you started and 6 things to be more conscious about. It may be difficult at first to remember them in day to day life, but you will see that slowly as you do them and think of them more, they will become effective habits and second nature to you 🙂

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