About the Vegan directory

Do you really want to hear the story? All right I’ll tell you. (If not, just scroll to the summary points at the bottom :p )

One warm Sunday morning I decided to go to the Vegan Goods Market in Constantia Cape Town, and while there I found such a wonderful market with a whole range of good food and goodies that I had never imagined existed. The market also encourages a more plastic and package free way of living and shopping.

chocolate brownies

I just love chocolate brownies (well almost anything that’s chocolaty) but have never tasted any good, vegan ones. Until I found a little stall in there for The Vegan Deli. The brownies looked like the biggest ones at the market so naturally I bought one to try. It was divine and I had to go back and get another. I was too excited about all the stalls and went on checking what they all had to offer. I didn’t really take note of the names of each stall, so later on at home (when I finished my last bite of the brownie that I had bought with me), I realized that I wished I could buy some more but didn’t want to have to wait till the next market to order.

I then went onto social media and searched and searched and stalked and stalked until I eventually found the Vegan Deli’s pages and promptly emailed them to ask to place a new order.

I needed a quick and efficient way to find them without having to stalk Instagram, thus the idea of the directory arose. The key is in the search and the idea is to list small vegan businesses and enable people to find them easily depending on what they want.

This way we can all find, help and support small vegan businesses in our area.

Cliff Notes

  • I found some lovely vegan chocolate brownies at the Vegan goods market.
  • Forgot the name of the people selling them.
  • Stalked social media until I found the Vegan Deli and placed an order.
  • Light bulb moment to make something to help people find and connect with small vegan businesses in South Africa.

Basic idea

  • Jessica makes and sells Vegan cakes.
  • Tom wants to buy a vegan cake but cannot find Jessica.
  • Tom places a search in the listings here for cakes in his area and Jessica pops up.
  • Tom reads up about Jessica and likes the fact that he can interact with Jessica and find out exactly what goes into the cake and in turn support someone running a small vegan business. Tom gets in contact with her.
  • Jessica bakes her cake with Love and earns some money to help her and her family.
  • Tom enjoys his wonderful freshly baked vegan cake made with Love 🙂

chocolate cake

If you (know of any or) run a small vegan (or vegetarian) business, please do get in contact so we can see if we can add a listing for the business. You can email us on [email protected] with the subject line: Vegan directory listing and we will reply with the info we require from you.

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