The Great Many Uses Of 1 Simple Ingredient, Bicarb Soda

bicarb soda

Bicarbonate soda is such a versatile and useful compound. It can help to simplify our lives by replacing the many commercial products we use for various things.

Some of the things I personally use bicarb soda for are:

  1. As a face wash.
  2. As a body wash.
  3. As an under arm deodorant (it can be used on its own or in addition to a cream base like coconut oil or shea butter).
  4. As a household cleaning agent in addition to vinegar.
The Ultimate Zero Waste Cleaning Solution To Replace Commercial Toxic Cleaners

By using bicarb soda for these things I have replaced the many commercial products I used to buy to serve the same purpose. This has reduced my plastic disposal by so much! And it could reduce yours to!

What other uses things have you used bicarb soda for? Scared to try it out, drop me a message or comment and I will happily help you out or offer any advice on it where I can 🙂

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