Refill Your Containers At The Refillery!

Refill Your Containers At The Refillery!

If you are around Johannesburg, you must check out the Refillery.

What is The Refillery?

The Refillery is an exciting, new planet-friendly grocer offering a stylish, convenient, PLASTIC-FREE, ‘weigh-and-pay’ shopping experience that helps you to stock and re-stock your pantry with the highest quality, ethically-sourced products without all that wasteful packaging normally associated with a trip to the grocery store.”

Refill Your Containers At The Refillery!

The store operates and looks similar to other package free shops like Shop Zero or Nudefoods in Cape Town. They have a large selection of products ranging from package free chocolates, to grains, lentils and rice, to even nutritional yeast and natural soaps and cosmetics!

There are paper bags available as well as reusable glass bottles and containers that you can buy, or alternatively you can bring your own and fill them up. You then just weigh it and everything is charged per weight (usually per 100 grams).

The why

“We started The Refillery because we are really concerned about our beautiful planet and we want to try (in our own small way) to help.”

“‘The Refillery’ makes it easier for the environmentally-concerned as well as convenience-seeking customers to fill their pantries and play a part in helping to reduce South Africa’s (and the world’s) plastic pollution crisis.”


The Refillery does deliver, and charges R100 delivery fee, and does so plastic packaging free!

Or you can simply order and pay online and request a pick up for free at one of the stores. Once your order is ready and waiting for you they will let you know to come and pick it up.

Contact details

They have two physical stores in Johannesburg South Africa. One in Cedar Square and the other in the Morning side Shopping Centre.

Refill Your Containers At The Refillery!

Their contact information being:

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