Nibbling On A Few Vegan & Gluten Free Chocolate Treats From The Nibbling Rhino!

The Nibbling Rhino gluten free chocolate sweets

I recently ordered a few vegan chocolate goodies from The Nibbling Rhino in Cape Town, run by Stephanie, which is a gluten free bakery with a whole range of yummy vegan options.

I ordered:

  • Sweet potato brownie
  • Chick pea blondie
  • Vegan chocolate fudge
  • Chocolate delights

All of them are gluten free and vegan.

The Nibbling Rhino gluten free chocolate sweets
Clockwise: Chocolate delights, Chick pea blondie, Sweet potato brownie
The Nibbling Rhino gluten free chocolate sweets
Vegan chocolate fudge

I thoroughly enjoyed them all, and tried very hard to not eat them all at one go! They are very tasty and satisfy that chocolate craving quite perfectly. The vegan chocolate fudge is quite sweet as fudge should be, but just lovely in small bites and always keeps you coming back for more. The chocolate delights are like wonderful date and granola chocolate bars. The brownies, sweet potato brownie and chick pea blondie are not too sweet with the chick pea blondies having a hint of a peanut buttery flavour, which adds a great flavour in the mix for me, I’m not sure if thats just the chick peas or if there is in fact some peanut butter in there :p

The Nibbling Rhino gluten free chocolate sweets

If you are gluten free or vegan, or not, you should certainly give Stephanie’s bakery a try for yourself as I am sure you will love the treats! Drop her a message for a price list and support local small businesses where you can.

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