No Flip Bake Pancakes By Nisha Vora!

vegan pancakes

I came across a really yummy looking vegan recipe for Vegan pancakes by Nisha, of RainbowPlantLife. You can check out her recipes on her website.

“The easiest, quickest way to make pancakes for a crowd so you can enjoy a 20-minute vegan brunch!”

This recipe is perfect for making a larg batch of pancakes, and for those times where you would rather not have to flip each one and watch it cook! Don’t forget to source your ingredients from package free shops where you can 🙂

“I’m a self-taught vegan chef, food blogger, photographer, and author of The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook. Four years ago, I was an unhappy, burnt out lawyer looking for a change. I found veganism and decided to turn my lifelong passion for food and cooking into a career!

I love sharing how fun, delicious, and rewarding a vegan lifestyle can be. No diets or restrictions, just mouthwatering (and even decadent) food. In addition to recipes, you’ll also find healthy lifestyle tips and strategies for improving your food photography!” ~ Nisha Vora

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