My First Stop, Shop Zero!

Shop 0! waste shop

I decided to check out Shop Zero, situated in WoodStock on Albert Road in Cape Town. They sell natural creams, toothpaste and much more, but the great thing about this shop is that it’s ‘plastic free’! They don’t sell any plastic bags or containers. You simply bring your own reusable containers and fill them up with whatever you need. Everything is charged by weight so you can take just what you need.

From coconut oil and vinegar to pasta and protein powder, there is so much to choose from!

 Shop 0! waste shop

 Shop 0! waste shop  Shop 0!

Shop Zero was founded by Janneke in August 2017 when she took the leap to reach her dream. Quickly thereafter she launched a crowdfunding campaign to open a zero waste, plastic-free lifestyle store. Towards the end of the campaign, during their kids’ playdate at the Two Oceans Aquarium, friends Elza and Janneke decided to forge a partnership and bring Shop Zero to life. Soon after Janneke’s friend from her postnatal yoga group, Abigail, joined Shop Zero as a third partner. The three mommas felt that together they could create a productive space to help the community understand the needs of our environment and care for it accordingly – ensuring a long and beautiful existence for future generations.

 Shop 0! waste shop  Shop 0! waste shop  Shop 0! waste shop

Shop zero sells everything online as well, which makes it that much easier to get things you need. A common resulting question:

How do you pack your online orders?
“In reused boxes which we collect from deliveries made to us by our suppliers or donated by friends and family. We seal the boxes with 100% fully biodegradable packing tape.”

It’s okay for people to feel overwhelmed, but it’s also very easy to start with one small change, like taking your own reusable shopping bags with to the supermarket.  With each visit to Shop Zero you can discover new solutions and think: “oh wow, I didn’t realise I could make this small change or that small change! We are happy to introduce the community to all the resources they need to succeed in their shift to a greener life.”

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