Simple Tips For Businesses To Reduce Their Plastic And Waste

A great way to start reducing waste and plastic is to start right from the top! If big corporations and companies could incorporate a few changes to their processes, they could lead the way to a better environment. Here’s a few tips they could try to incorporate to reduce their carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly.

  • Companies who put out products that are usually replaced every few years should have a recall programme of some sort, where you can hand back your device to be recycled and used as parts. Especially the big phone companies like Apple and Samsung for example.
  • Something supplement companies could think of, is to have bulk tubs available at specialist stores like Xtreme Nutrition, where people can bring their old protein tubs and refill them. The cost would be less and would be charged by weight so the customers could scoop up just how much they wanted. Shop Zero currently does this for Wazoogles protein powder.


How To Reduce Your Waste And Reduce Your Use Of Plastic!


  • The way businesses sell products is through their packaging and marketing. Basically the more shiny and cool the box looks, the more it draws you to the product right? What would be great though, is if some of the companies would become more environmentally friendly and give options for the customers to be as well. For instance, they could still have their usual products with the packing, but they could also provide a way for customers to bring their own containers to refill. The amount of waste that could be reduced in terms of just the packaging would be phenomenal. Most of us buy a food product and once it is finished, the box or bottle is tossed straight into the trash. So imagine if there were companies who had warehouses, or even in-store points, where you could just go with your own glass container and refill it. Obviously this would be a difficult feat to accomplish, but even if it could be done for¬† just a certain amount per day. Food stuffs like milk,¬†almond milk, even toiletries, creams etc. could be refilled.
  • It would be great if take away smoothie places such as Kauai encouraged customers to bring their own cups to have the smoothie in.
  • Another big waste of paper is receipts, and a huge source of BPA. I bet you didn’t know that. By handling receipt paper you put yourself into direct contact with BPA. Every time you purchase something you get a receipt and majority of those receipts end up where? Yep straight in the bin. A way around this would be to have your receipts emailed straight to you. Then you can decide to keep them or delete them with a click of a button. Some clothing stores already do this such as MRP. For grocery stores like Pick N Pay, an easy way for them would be to link your email address to your Pick N Pay loyalty card, so every time you buy and swipe it, you have the option to receive your receipt via email.

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