Month: March 2020

bamboo toothbrush zero waste

Zero Waste TOOTHPASTE & MOUTHWASH Recipes By Blue Ollis

Toothpaste tubes and plastic mouth wash bottles are a massive source of waste for people, usually going through a number of these each year. Both can probably be replaced or at least alternated with home made more waste free versions. I won't lie, for the toothpaste I still use the regular ones much more as I am still little skeptical and afraid for my teeth :/ But I do use very little with each...
battery batteries

Reduce Waste By Making A Swap – Batteries

We all use batteries, well most of the general public do, whether they are in an alarm clock, or a TV remote or a drone remote controller, and are usually the most common AAAs. Ideally we would like to not use them as that would eliminate the need to dispose of them right, but that's in an ideal world (one day). So yes while they are difficult to completely eliminate we can swap them for...
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Common Packaged Stuff I Stopped Buying | Reduce Waste, Reduce Attachment

For me, becoming more and more eco conscious and friendly, and reducing my waste allowed me to also become much more of a minimalist. I like the minimalist approach because it shows you how a lot of the stuff we have/want, is very unnecessary and not useful and we clearly do not need a lot of it. I love de-cluttering and that feeling of getting rid of (giving them to someone who would make use of...