DIY Zero Waste Body Butter, Face Creams, And Under Arm Deodorant Recipes

diy shea butter body lotion

Often people get intimidated by people who speak about reducing their waste and living a more ‘minimalist lifestyle’. What you must understand though, is that all it takes is a very small change to start, you don’t have to be implementing and worrying about reducing every tiny bit of waste in your life, initially.

It all comes with practice and time and through that we can all do our bit. The great thing that I like about reducing waste and becoming conscious of it, is that it helps reduce our attachment to material things and allows us to really appreciate what we have. Through this you realize that you really do not need a lot of the things you think you may ‘need’.

Here is a basic break down on how to make your own natural and less waste body lotion and under arm deodorant. Once you know how, it’s really easy and fun to make your own, and think of all those plastic bottles that you will save from going to land fills around the world!

My reasoning was really simple, I wanted to reduce my plastic waste from all the plastic bottles, reduce the amount of chemicals and ingredients used in daily toiletries, and reduce my dependence on mainstream commercial brands that sell us all their marketing, which we cannot help but fall prey to.

diy shea butter body lotion

The main ingredients are:

  • Raw Shea butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Raw Cocoa Butter (optional)
  • Essential oils (Enough drops till you are happy with the smell)
  • Almond oil (optional) (50 – 100 ml)

For the amounts, a good place to start is to use equal parts of each. So for example 150 grams Shea butter and 150 grams coconut oil. The cocoa butter is optional depending on how you like the smell of it. You can add in equal parts of it as well or reduce a little as the smell may be a bit strong for some.

For the under arm deodorant, the process is exactly the same, the only added ingredient is bicarbonate soda. About 2-3 spoonfuls can be added when using 150 grams of shea butter and coconut oil, and it is added in method 3 when beating the mixture.


  1. Add the butters and oils (shea butter and coconut oil) to a double boiler and melt and mix.
  2. Once melted together remove from heat and let cool. Place in the fridge for a few hours till hard.
  3. Once hard beat with an electric beater and add in your essential oil drops if you plan to use them to give the lotion a particular scent. Try to beat the cream for about 15 to 30 minutes as beating it more does help give it a great creamy texture that will spread nicely on your body.
  4. You’re done! Place in reusable containers and store in a cool dry place. Don’t worry if it looks like it has melted when it gets too hot, it will solidify again when cool.


diy shea butter body lotion


Zero Waste Creams And Under arm Deodorant Recipe Zero Waste Creams And Under arm Deodorant Recipe Zero Waste Creams And Under arm Deodorant Recipe