Simply DIY, Make Your Own 0 Waste Minimalist Face Wash, Scrub And Mouth Wash!

mouthwash zero waste minimalism

Let’s get straight to it, these are very simple to make and they are so effective. They reduce a whole lot of plastic waste and decrease your dependence on commercial cosmetic brands, so be sure to give them a try!

Just One simple Ingredient Zero Waste Facewash?

If you have tried every face wash out there, being sold on all the marketing give this a try! So simple and so easy to use, and it leads to less waste! Just use bicarb soda 🙂

 zero waste minimalism face scrub


Your Very Own Zero Waste MouthWash In Only a few steps!

This is a really easy and simple way to make your own mouthwash, to freshen your breath and rinse your mouth out. It only includes 3 things, so no harsh chemicals and it leads to less waste, of course! 🙂



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